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Shampoo male skin care

Ideal for Male Breeds with Short Fur or Exposed Skin


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Nanosanitas ph balanced shampoo suitable for male canines, ideal for breeds with short fur or exposed skin. Engineered to a new level of skin and coat-friendly, the company balances biophysical parameters of their products to gender. Featuring the same versions as the ones available for male breeds, Nanosanitas tunes the products to enhance the physical-, immunological- and microbial- barrier functions of your pet’s skin.

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Nanosanitas Silver Line Skin Care Shampoo

Based on the proprietary composition for their puppy shampoo, this product also contains sunscreen and conditioner. This shampoo is pH-balanced (gender/hormone specific) for male breeds.

  • Smell inhibiting nanotechnology
  • Promotes wound healing
  • ph-balanced (gender/hormone spesific)
  • Better defence against bacteria, ticks and fleas
  • With sunscreen and conditioner
  • Eco-friendly formulation with plant extracts for gentle, moisturizing cleansing


Prior to bathing, brush thoroughly to remove any tangles or debris from the fur. Wet your companion with water of an appropriate temperature i.e. warm (not hot) during winter and cooler during summer. Lather the shampoo thoroughly into the dog's fur. When ticks and fleas are present, start at your pet's head, gradually working towards the body. (This will prevent parasites moving up the body to the head). Let the shampoo sit for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly, until the water runs clear. No specific drying is required.